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Improve your indoor air quality at home or work in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with expert advice and solutions from the team at Banks Quarles. We have a range of solutions to improve your indoor air quality, including:

Germicidal UV Lamps

Installing a germicidal UV lamp provides your home with a level of protection used in hospitals and medical facilities across the country as it is one of the most efficient methods to kill off harmful airborne bacteria particles.

Air Purifiers

Your home’s air can be the perfect environment for contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and mold to thrive. To remove these harmful air pollutants, the team at Banks Quarles offers iWave air purifiers, known for their patented needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology. The ions generated by the iWave attach to the harmful bacteria and viruses, removing hydrogen molecules that pathogens need to survive. As a result, your home has clean, filtered air without any harmful byproducts. iWave air purifiers need little to no ongoing maintenance, making them a worthwhile investment for your home.

HEPA Filtration

Installation of a HEPA filtration system will improve your home’s indoor air quality as it filters and removes up to 99.7% of harmful and aggravating airborne particles such as dust, dust mite feces, mold spores, and pollen.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Book a professional clean of your ducts to remove the build-up of dust, mold, and other harmful airborne particles to ensure clean air continues to flow throughout your home via the duct-work. Learn more about our duct cleaning service in Tuscaloosa today.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Quality Service?

The EPA has identified poor indoor air quality as a potential health risk, especially to people with weakened immune systems, infants, and the elderly. It can also aggravate the symptoms experienced by allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The team at Banks Quarles can help you improve your indoor air quality to create a healthier and more comfortable living space for you and your family with professional advice and installation from a range of upgrades and improvements to your existing HVAC system.

Enjoy Controlled Home Humidity Levels

Maintain the perfect level of humidity in your home with a professionally installed humidification system. It’s important to control your home’s humidity levels, and not just for your own comfort. If humidity levels are too high, you’ll have an increase in moisture in your home, which can lead to mold growth. Not enough humidity makes the air dry and potentially causes splitting in wooden furniture or floors. Additionally, your heating and AC systems will operate more efficiently as they won’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature.

Service Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re not only committed to the highest caliber of workmanship – we’re committed to providing the best in customer service. Our team members are presentable, take care to minimize mess as they work by using mats and shoe covers and will always clean up before departing. Enjoy the Banks Quarles customer service experience that comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

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