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Electrical Safety Inspection – Why It’s Needed Now

They say home is where the heart is. Well, so is the rest of our mind, body and spirit until further notice. That means everything you were doing outside the home before Social Distancing guidelines went in place have been brought to the house. E-Learning, Working Remotely, Social Streaming… the list goes on. And, so does the power bill! Which begs the questions, how ready is your home to handle the workload? I mean, about to work some serious overtime… think Christmas Break on steroids. That’s why NOW is the time to make sure your home is prepared. Banks Quarles is here to make sure it’s running efficiently and safely.

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How to check your home for water leaks

While social distancing has us spending more time in our homes, it allows us homeowners to work on home maintenance and address those pesky problems we either don’t have time to address or simply overlook with the hustle and bustle of our normally busy lives.

Did you know that a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year? That's the amount of water needed to take more than 180 showers!

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Routine Care For Your Biggest Investment

Imagine what would happen to your vehicle if you stopped taking care of it. When it’s time for an oil change, you just ignore it. Need a new air filter or tires inflated? PASS! The timing belt needs changing, the fluids need filling, or the spark plugs need cleaning. You decide to see how far you can push it. How long do you think you can treat your vehicle like that before it gives out? Well, we see that exact scenario on a large portion of air conditioning service calls.

Too often they are ignored until there’s a major problem. Now I know what you’re thinking… your vehicle and your air conditioner are not on the same level of importance. You NEED that car. Your family relies on it every single day. But just think back to the weather from April through October (and sometimes longer, after all it is Alabama). We think your family NEEDS that air conditioner. Unless you find joy in triple digit temperatures. Which if that’s you, we have NOTHING in common!

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5 Ways To Show Your Home Some Love

Roses are red, violets are blue. If your home could speak, what would it say about you? How would it say you treat it? Is it with love and care? The month of February and especially Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to show love to those special in our life. And we’ve got a few ideas that’ll remind your home how much you care. No over-priced chocolates, no need for reservations. Just a little checklist from cupid to show your home its appreciated.

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We’re saying the “F” Word… FREE

Winter… it’s a time to bundle up and get cozy. The last thing stacked under a mountain of blankets are any thoughts of the Summer heat. But did you know the official first day of Spring is March 19? Did you also know we have a special event that will allow you to prepare your home for the warmer months while still focusing on your comfort during hoodie season? I mean, who doesn’t love a good hoodie! It’s a deal too good not to consider and something we like to call “Free-Bruary”.

You see, during the month of February just purchase a new Lennox cooling system from us and you’ll get a new Lenox furnace absolutely free! It’s the perfect win, win (for Winter and Summer). You’ll be able to upgrade your entire HVAC system at one time with savings between $800-$1500. Icing on the cake is that we are offering financing to qualified buyers. So, if you’re on the fence or trying to squeeze a little more life out of your unit… remember a FREE FURNACE is a rare find. Check out the details below!

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Ringing In The New Year: Tips for Hosting Your New Year’s Eve Party

Christmas is over and although it was a wonderful time with your family, se-cretly you are ready for the tinsel, garland and all things red and green to go back into the Rubbermaid bin hiding spot (and if you have kids you need a cel-ebratory cocktail just for moving that elf all season long!) The New Year is com-ing and perhaps more than ever, you are ready for some unbridled adult fun. After all, this Christmas season has been a doozy!

Cousin Eddie showed up unannounced and clogged up the septic (Thanks Banks Quarles for the rescue!) The cat got into the Christmas tree, shorting the lights and blowing the fuses in the house! (Thank you again Banks Quarles!) and when you were accidentally locked in the attic freezing to death and you thought you could somehow adjust the heat to flow up there yourself, Banks Quarles came to get your HVAC back on track! We know…this sounds a lot like a popular Christmas movie…but we also know crazy things like this do happen in life! After all, we have been in business for almost 100 years! Believe us when we say that we have seen it all and know that also means we’ve fixed it all. You can always count on us to be there when you need us.

We know you need a break and as 2019 approached 2020, we thought we would leave you with a parting gift: tips for hosting a simple New Year’s Eve Party. No, we are not hosting experts, but we are real people just like you. We enjoy serving and know the joy it brings to others with a job well done.

From all of us at Banks Quarles, “Happy New Year and THANK YOU for letting us serve you!”.
PS Should your BFF decide that they HAVE to plug in the karaoke ma-chine, disco ball, and their fancy new mega amp microphone, we will be there to get the power back on ASAP…and maybe join in for “Auld Lang Syne!”

Tips for Hosting Your New Year’s Eve Party

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Tanks, But No Tanks

Is there anything more comforting than a nice warm bath? How about ending the day by turning on the shower knob to take a nice relaxing… wait, the water is cool, nope the water is downright cold. Yep, you’re not relaxed at all… you’re FREEZING! All because of the limits of your current water heater. There’s little room for household chores that require warm water AND multiple showers at the same time. These tanks just aren’t getting the job done. And honestly why we’ve said NO THANKS. But what’s the alternative? How about a way to heat the water as it flows through your pipes providing instant and endless hot water. Well my friend, you are in luck. It is called a tankless water heater and it does exactly that.

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Home Air Purifiers: Ending the Nightmare of the Cold & Flu Season!

Halloween is almost here and so is the dreaded cold & flu season. The weather has really just begun its shift from our blazing hot summer to the cool of fall. You know what that means- it’s time for your kids to get sick. We love ‘em but getting through a cold or even worse the flu, is the stuff of nightmares. The hacking coughs, the humidifiers, piles of crumpled up snot filled tissues (and the snot filled noses!), doctor visits, pharmacy visits, the actual taking of the medicine, trying to work from home, the clean up and then cleaning up again (stomach bugs are the WORST!)…and when you can almost see the finish line of your kids sicknesses then like clock work…dad gets sick!

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Fall In Love With Your Furnace

When you love someone, you treat them accordingly. And well, us Alabamians L-O-V-E our air conditioners. Can you blame us? I mean, how many triple digit days have we had? So, in turn we make sure it’s taken care of. We have it inspected, tuned up… basically everything that’s needed to keep it running at peak efficiency. All the attention you expect in a healthy relationship, right? Well, what about your furnace? For whatever reason we tend to write-off the need to offer the same attention to it. It’s time to change that with a Fall Check Up on your furnace. It’s not just recommended but is critical to the health of both the furnace and your family. We are going to share with you the reasons why a professional inspection of your furnace is essential to keep everyone in your home HAPPY & HEALTHY. Afterall… isn’t there room in your heart for both!

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Know Your H2o

Not all tap water is created equally. You can taste and often feel the difference depending on your location. Like when you visit the beach and accidentally order water at a restaurant… YUCK! Many of these differences are harmless (tell that to my kids), but not all and it’s important to know what’s in your water. So, let’s dive deeper!

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