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Why is My Heater Not Working?

When winter hits, the last thing you and your family need to worry about is a malfunctioning heater. There could be a multitude of reasons for a faulty heating system, and we’re here to explain a few of those issues.

Lack of Maintenance

During the hotter seasons it’s reasonable to not run your heater, but leaving a heating system unattended for that long of time can cause problems with your system. Your heater may not turn on or work properly due to the dust that has accumulated over time, and results in dirty air filters, blowers, and flame sensors.

It’s essential to have routine maintenance done on your heater because this ensures the longevity of your system. At Banks Quarles, we know what’s good for your home, as well as your pockets. With regular scheduled tune-ups, you avoid spending 25% more on power when you have a well-maintained system.

A heating tune-up includes:

  • Inspecting the thermostats functionality
  • Lubricating blower and bearings
  • Filter replacement

Thermostat Issues

In some instances your thermostat might be the reason your heater isn’t working. This could be due to it being installed improperly or something as simple as a necessary battery change. Some thermostats are more easy to understand than others. Manual thermostats might be easier to use, but programmable thermostats are the most energy efficient.

Checking the batteries is always a good place to start, and if that doesn’t fix the problem, reach out to us. The last thing we want is an accident in an attempt to manipulate faulty wiring.

Blower Capacitor Malfunction

The blower capacitor is an important component in your furnace’s fan motor. The main function of the capacitor is to provide a consistent flow of an electric current that allows the blower to move heated air throughout your heating system and into home. When this capacitor fails or malfunctions, this results in the blower being unable to start. You can try to troubleshoot this issue, but it’s always best to get expert help in a situation like this.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If your main source of heating is a heat pump, then this applies to you. When the refrigerant levels of a heat pump get too low, this causes a spike in your utility bills because the heat strips keep coming on too frequently. Low refrigerant levels should not go unnoticed for too long as it may result in the compressor overheating or even breaking down. Our expert technicians can increase the refrigerant charge, offer a routine maintenance plan, and help you avoid a costly compressor repair.

Shoddy Installation Job

Sometimes we can’t put the blame on a heater malfunctioning but rather on the actual ductwork. Ensuring that ductwork is installed properly is a huge aspect in the functionality of your heating system. When a poor job is done, you are left with issues in the airflow throughout your home, and in time your system could shut down completely.

Heating Services Done Right with Banks Quarles

Your best bet is to have a trusted HVAC technician get the job done right for you. At Banks Quarles, you are guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today to get a quote on your next heating service. We got you covered!

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