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Why is My Thermostat Not Working? (Answered)

Ever breathed into your hands to warm yourself up while at home? You shouldn’t have to do that when your thermostat fails you. Here are some common reasons why your thermostat isn’t working and how to know when to call an HVAC repair expert.

Your Thermostat’s Power is Off

Before you start panicking, check whether your thermostat is turned on and set to COOL or HEAT. If the screen is totally blank, check the power source of your thermostat. The power could be out from a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or dead batteries. These factors will prevent your thermostat from turning on the furnace or air conditioner.

Your Thermostat is Old

Everything has an expiration date, so it might be time to toss the old thermostat. Over time the functionality of your thermostat will deteriorate, and we recommend replacing it every 10 years. This not only saves you time in trying to fix an older model, it helps save your pockets because you’ll no longer have to waste money on electricity. Thanks to advances in technology, smart and programmable thermostats now exist, which are much simpler to use and easier to connect to your HVAC system.

Faulty Wiring

Basic thermostats include a heating, cooling, and fan connection. When your thermostat’s connection to these systems are malfunctioning, it might be due to loose wires, corrosion, or terminal screws inside your thermostat. If this is something you can’t resolve, then it’s time to reach out to a professional.

Blockage in the Air Filter

If you find that very little or no air is blowing out from your heater or AC, then it’s likely you have a clogged air filter. This can be due to an accumulation of dirt or debris on your system from being dormant for a long period of time or that you simply haven’t been changing your filters frequently enough. These two factors can impact the electrical and mechanical components of your HVAC system, causing it to malfunction.

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