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Sewer Pipe Replacement Services in Tuscaloosa

When your sewer pipe needs replacement, it’s your responsibility to get the job done in a timely fashion. Failure to address issues with the sewer line that connects your home to the main city line may result in serious consequences from your Tuscaloosa city officials. The best way to prevent against catastrophic plumbing damage and fines from the city is by having a knowledgeable plumbing technician available to provide the pipe replacement services you need. Banks Quarles offers the top-quality sewer pipe replacement services that will leave your home’s system in top working condition in no time.

Don’t let your sewer pipe replacement needs go ignored any longer: Banks Quarles’ team of top-rated plumbing technicians is here to provide the long-lasting, reliable service you need.

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Tuscaloosa Orangeburg Pipe Replacement

Roughly one out of every four homes in Tuscaloosa was built prior to 1969. During this time period, Orangeburg sewer pipes were the preferred material to use by plumbing professionals. The lightweight pipes were easy to carry and install at the time, but they lacked the structural integrity necessary to withstand years of continuous use. Created from wood fibers bound with water-resistant adhesive, it’s unsurprising that Orangeburg pipes are often found collapsed when dug up for replacement.

If your Tuscaloosa home was built prior to 1969, you may have Orangeburg pipes lingering in your system. Banks Quarles’ plumbing professionals have more than 100 years of experience servicing the unique needs of Alabama homes. We’ll isolate your problem pipes in no time, expertly replacing them with our highly durable, advanced piping solutions.

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Our Pipe Replacement Services in Tuscaloosa

In addition to Orangeburg piping, plumbing professionals also used cast iron and clay sewer pipes in homes constructed prior to 1960. Like Orangeburg, these materials are also prone to clogging, cracking, collapsing, leaking, and crumbling over time. At Banks Quarles, our team only offers the most advanced industry solutions to deliver long-lasting piping that leaves Tuscaloosa homes functioning like new. We proudly offer PVC and ABS replacement sewer pipes, touted for their rust resistance, versatility, and affordability.

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Why Choose Banks Quarles for Pipe Replacement?

For 100 years, our team has delivered on our promise to provide Tuscaloosa families with the top-quality plumbing services they deserve. We aren’t just committed to providing the best products and services; our team is dedicated to offering an unparalleled customer experience. When you select our team for service, you’ll always enjoy:

  • Upfront, honest pricing with no hidden fees or overtime charges
  • The best available system solutions
  • On-time, tidy plumbing professionals who work around your schedule
  • Available 24/7 emergency plumbing services

We also provide our customers with the opportunity to join our VIP Comfort Club — an exclusive membership that helps our clients save on their year-round home service needs. Receive annual plumbing maintenance, special service discounts, waived dispatch fees, priority service appointments, and so much more when you sign up today.

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When your sewer pipes have reached the end of their life span, you need a knowledgeable plumbing technician to take care of the problem sooner than later. At Banks Quarles, our team has provided the long-lasting pipe replacement services that Tuscaloosa families have trusted for 100 years.

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