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Imagine what would happen to your vehicle if you stopped taking care of it. When it’s time for an oil change, you just ignore it. Need a new air filter or tires inflated? PASS! The timing belt needs changing, the fluids need filling, or the spark plugs need cleaning. You decide to see how far you can push it. How long do you think you can treat your vehicle like that before it gives out? Well, we see that exact scenario on a large portion of air conditioning service calls.

Too often they are ignored until there’s a major problem. Now I know what you’re thinking… your vehicle and your air conditioner are not on the same level of importance. You NEED that car. Your family relies on it every single day. But just think back to the weather from April through October (and sometimes longer, after all it is Alabama). We think your family NEEDS that air conditioner. Unless you find joy in triple digit temperatures. Which if that’s you, we have NOTHING in common!


So, let’s all at least pretend that we enjoy the comfort and convenience that our air conditioner brings to our lives. And to keep it that way we need it maintained (JUST LIKE OUR VEHICLE). Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons that may change your mind.

  • 1) Less Risk of a Breakdown – Much like regular tune-ups on your car, regular tune-ups on your HVAC system will extend the life of your unit. A Tune-Up is basically a preventative maintenance check. (If you take care of the little things, the bigger things can run more efficiently). Routine maintenance on your HVAC system can keep minor issues from turning into major (and costly) repairs.
  • 2) Save money! – A healthy HVAC system can run smoothly and consistently without the need for over working. By preventing over working you essentially reduce any strain on the system and therefore reduce your energy costs. Yeah to LOWER power bills! HVAC’s are designed to maintain a consistent temperature by running in small increments. This design (when properly exercised) will keep cooling costs low.
  • 3) Better Air Quality – Your air conditioner has been sitting idle during the colder months. It’s waking up after a long Winter’s nap! A tune-up would help to ensure any dust, grime, or build up that has settled is cleared and that your system is in tip top condition. Your indoor air quality will improve – who doesn’t want that???
  • 4) Reliable Comfort – The most important feature in a vehicle…. RELIABILITY! You want to know it will get you from point A to point B with no issues. The same is expected for you’re A/C. It needs to be able to perform at the temperature you choose (and preform efficiently). There’s not much more disappointing than walking into your home after a long day only to be slapped in the face with hot air. That Spring Up will help ensure you’re not met with such and unwelcoming surprise.

Now is the time to prepare for the warmer months. We know how important a Spring Tune up is to the overall life and efficiency of the unit. So, for the month of March Banks Quarles is offering a special Triple Play Deal.

Just schedule your Spring A/C Tune Up and receive a FREE Water Heater Tune Up plus a FREE Furnace Tune Up this Fall. You get all three for just $59

Banks Quarles knows it takes a lot to maintain a home. That’s why we’re here to help. And not just with you’re A/C. We can help with the upkeep on many other areas of the home including all your plumbing and electrical needs.

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