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Improve how energy efficiently you heat and cool your home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and speak with team at Banks Quarles. We can help with a range of system upgrades, new system installations and expert advice to help you start saving year round without compromising on comfort.

System Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency ratings on your heating and AC are calculated differently. With heating systems, it’s the AFUE rating (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) and with AC systems it’s the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) you need to look at. The higher the rating, the more energy efficiency the system.

Better Energy Efficiency When Professionally Installed

According to the EPA, you’re new heating and AC systems are more likely to achieve their energy efficiency potential when installed by a licensed and experienced professional. At Banks Quarles, you can be sure of the highest caliber of workmanship for your installation. Our technicians will also help you understand how to maximize your energy efficiency potential and take advantage of your system’s feature to enjoy maximum comfort and energy savings.

Regular Maintenance

With regular professional maintenance, your heating and AC system will continue to operate more energy efficiently. Unmaintained heating and AC systems can use up to 25% more power than a well maintained system. Our technicians also often detect problems during a routine tune-up that can be repaired before they cause a system breakdown. As part of the tune-up, we also check electrical components are in good condition and working safely, check the thermostat and air flow as well as clean filters and lubricate moving parts.

All Home Zoning

All home zoning provides greater control over how you heat and cool your home according to its and your needs. If parts of your home are exposed to more sunlight, you may need to cool them more in summer or heat them less in winter. By splitting these rooms off into ‘zones’, you’re able to independently temperature control them without impacting the comfort in other parts of your home. You can also timer control specific zones, such as heating the bedrooms so the family can rise in comfort on a winter’s morning. Speak with one of the Banks Quarles home comfort experts and we’ll help you design the perfect all home zoning package with your preferred number of zones and perform a professional installation.

Programmable Thermostats

Another energy efficiency recommendation of the EPA is having a programmable thermostat. Being able to program your heating or cooling to operate at specific times and to switch off when the set temperature is reach, then boosting on and off to maintain a temperature ensures greater energy efficiency to heat and cool your home without any compromise to your comfort. At Banks Quarles we can professionally install a programmable thermostat to your existing heating and AC system and give you instructions on how to use it to maximize energy efficiency and savings.

Professional Energy Audits To Help You Save

Book an energy audit and we’ll evaluate your current usage and detect energy loss points. We’ll provide you with recommendations to help you heat and cool your home more energy efficiently and save money on your utility costs.

Become more energy efficient and save money with expert advice and solutions from Tuscaloosa’s energy efficiency experts at Banks Quarles. Call and speak with one of our friendly team today.

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