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Gas Fireplace Installation in Tuscaloosa

For quality and professional new gas fireplace installations in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, choose the experienced gas safety experts and call Banks Quarles. We’ve been the trusted choice in thousands of other homes and businesses for over 100 years.

Expert Gas Fireplace Installations And Service

We’ll not only professionally install your new gas fireplace, we can assist with a complete service including new gas line connections and gas safety inspections. When you choose Banks Quarles, you’re in the safe hands of experienced and trained gas fitting experts.

Enjoy Warm, Cozy Comfort

Gas fireplaces are the convenient supplemental heating choice. Enjoy warm, cozy comfort and the calming feeling of a live source of warmth to sit in front of, without the hassle of tending a wood-source fire. Simply switch on for instant warmth and comfort.

A Comprehensive Choice Of Gas Fireplaces

If you’re not sure which gas fireplace to choose, we can help by showing you a comprehensive range of fireplaces that best suit the size and style of the room you want it installed in.

Gas Safety Professionals

With any gas installation, safety must be a priority. Banks Quarles has been trusted for 100 years, and can perform expert work for your complete peace of mind.

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Up-front Pricing

Accept our quote to install your new gas fireplace with confidence. No overtime charge and no hidden costs. We quote for the job to be completed, so you can relax knowing the full price of your gas service up-front.

Tidy Service For Your Gas Fire Installation

Our team members are presentable, take care to minimise mess as they work by using mats and shoe covers and will always clean up before departing.

For safe and professional installation of a new gas fireplace in your Tuscaloosa home, choose the experts and call the team at Banks Quarles today.

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