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Heating Installation & Replacement in Tuscaloosa

It can be hard to know when it’s time to replace your old furnace or heating system. It may not be performing as well as you’d like, but you might be tempted to try to squeeze another winter out of it. Below are some signs that it’s time to move on to warmer pastures:

  • Insufficient heat
  • Uneven heating between rooms
  • Loud noises
  • High energy costs
  • Frequent repairs
  • Short-cycling (cutting on and off continuously)

If you opt to replace your heating system, or if you’re building a new construction and need a quality heating system for it, count on the experienced heating technicians at Banks Quarles. For over 100 years, we’ve been providing HVAC solutions across Alabama. We can help you choose the best heating system for your needs, then install it for years of warmth.

Benefits of Heating Replacement

Installing new heating in your Tuscaloosa home will bring a host of benefits that you can enjoy from the moment our friendly technician turns it on:

  • Increased comfort – Chances are, your old heating system wasn’t running well near the end of its life. A new heating system will immediately bring more powerful, effective heating for greatly enhanced comfort.
  • Immediate energy savings – New heating systems are far more energy-efficient than outdated models, so you should immediately see a decrease in your energy bill.
  • Savings on repairs – Keeping your old heating system going can cost you money in frequent repairs. $300 here and $250 there add up quickly! With regular maintenance, your new heating system should run smoothly for years without needing repairs!
  • Cleaner air – Your heating system helps clean your home’s air, but a worn-out unit won’t do as good of a job as a new one.
  • A quieter home – As heaters age and get closer to the end of their life span, they often get louder and louder. You might be surprised at how quiet your home is with a new unit!

We offer free estimates on heating systems for your Tuscaloosa home, so call us today to start enjoying all the advantages of a new heating system. With special financing options from Banks Quarles, you don’t have to wait to be comfortable! Financing subject to approved credit.

Expert Heating Installation & Replacement

Choosing a new heating system can be overwhelming. Should you replace your old unit with the same type of heating method, or should you convert to one that might better suit your needs? At Banks Quarles, our experts can walk you through the process. We’ll help you decide on the best solution for your home, whether that’s a furnace or some other type of heating system. We’ll also make sure it’s appropriately sized for your home and energy-efficient to help you save money on utility bills.

Expert installation is crucial to making sure your new heating system is set up correctly. A minor oversight during installation can impact your unit’s efficiency and performance, or even cause damage and safety hazards. At Banks Quarles, our heating technicians are trained to install all heating systems to the highest professional standard. Once everything is set up, they will also show you how to operate your new heating system so you can take advantage of all its features for maximum comfort.

Choose Banks Quarles for Heating Installation in Tuscaloosa

For the best new heating or furnace to keep your Tuscaloosa home warm, call on the team at Banks Quarles. We offer impartial advice on new heating systems and have extensive experience installing and repairing all leading heating brands and models. Our friendly heating specialists will help you choose a new heating system that best matches your heating needs and within your specified budget. With over 100 years in business, you can be sure of our extensive experience and commitment to excellence in customer service.

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